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Hi, I am looking at the tote-ally 7. I want to use it for sewing items. rotorycutter, ruler sissors. That type of stuff. I'm a quilter. Does anyone think this is good for that use?
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I don't sew, so I have no idea. However, from looking at the picture and reading the description, it looks like it would work well. The pic has a ruler and several pairs of scissors and shows where they'd go.

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I have a similar one like the picture for my sewing stuff. My machine is portable so I like that I can keep everything right there and when an opportunity comes up I can just take my bag and machine and go! Plus since I am not always in the same room of my house when sewing it is an easy relocation kit. I keep a few spools of different threads, scissors, templates, pattern(s), pencil, trims...all in it plus could fit a soda can or bottle in it too if I wanted. It is very handy and I love mine for this purpose!

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