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Hopefully someone can help me out here...

My Mum is a mad scrapbooking and other craft addict. Quite a number of years ago (2007?) I bought her a Sizzix "Big Red" machine (I think!) and a load of diecuts.

Now it seems time has moved on and she is itching to try some other diecuts which won't fit the Big Red. I would love to kit her out "properly" for Christmas. But all I have are snippets of information - I'm hoping some of you far more knowledgeable folks can make some sense of these and come up with a recommendation for us:

- she mentioned the Sizzix Big Shot as a possibility
- she also mentioned the Tim Holst Vagabond machine
- she has a whole bunch of dies which work with the Big Red
- she once bought a Tim Holst die which she loved but had to change it since it wouldn’t fit
- she has some Spellbinders dies which she can use after buying a plastic plate but not always successful
- she would like to be able to emboss and use some of the newer dies for layering
- possibly use it for patchwork by cutting out the material shapes
- she does suffer from arthritis, so if something is easier on the hands than something else that would be a huge bonus

I care rather less about cost than she does if I do the buying. So if the solution is to "buy both" the Vagabond and Big Shot then fine, or if that is plain silly and one does all the other does or whatever then I would love to know.

Many thanks for your invaluable help and advice...

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The Big Shot is a great machine, and I've also heard nice things about the Vagabond. For the most part they are pretty much the same machine, as they're both by Sizzix - they'll take any die that fits in Big Red, they'll take the larger Tim Holtz die you mentioned, they'll take most of the Spellbinders dies, there are Sizzix dies available designed specifically for fabric cutting. Your mention of her arthritis makes me lean toward recommending the Vagabond, which is essentially an electric-powered Big Shot. (There's also the Big Shot Express, which is an electric-powered Big Shot, but that might already be out of production.)

My vote goes to the Vagabond. I don't have one myself, but if you can't find the electrical cord, it's stored in a compartment on one end of the machine. (There was some confusion about that on these forums a few weeks ago.)

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I agree, The Vegabond sounds like the best machine for your Mum...

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Thanks folks for your replies, much appreciated. My only concern with the Vagabond from looking at some Amazon reviews is a few people reporting issues with the motor failing. But no doubt that it sounds like it would be easier on my poor Mum's hands... all good food for thought.

Thanks again.

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You could do her up nicely with a big shot pro! It cuts EVERYTHING (not sure about the fuse dies) and is a great machine. It is heavy and takes up space so those are things you might want to consider.

Lucky mum!
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I haven't any experience with the vagabond but see about the warranty. I know the bigshot has a 3 yr one and the vagabond is the electric version of it. I have big shot and love it but if she has arthritis I would get the vagabond.

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I have both a Cricut and a Big Shot. I have to say that I use the Big Shot the most. I also have mild arthritis and I have never had a problem getting anything that is properly shimmed to go through the Big Shot. In other words, if you didn't put the right pieces together and it's hard to go through, it shouldn't go through it. I find it easy to crank and I have also cut fabric with it as well (I'm more of a quilter).

PS Several on line stores have this on sale right now.

I have so much fun with the Big Shot, I can use embossing folders, dies (except the bigger pro sized dies), and I can use the Spellbinders along with the other thin border dies. Most things you buy have directions on how to use their product with the machine you have. The Pro is so big and I have only found 1 die I'd like to have that requires the Pro size, but I found I can use the resources at my local scrapbooking store to cut those pieces. So, I didn't have to buy it or the larger machine to get those.

Save your money, I say, buy the Big Shot and find some nice card stock, embossing folders and perhaps a few dies plus a sanding block and she will be in scrapbooker's heaven once she opens all of that at Christmas.

Good luck!

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