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Hello everyone,
I am new at scrapbooking and surely, I have quickly become familiar with paints, inks, die-cuts and more. The problem is that I want t try every trick at once. This week I am planning on getting a heat gun for heat-embossing and some inks and blending tools and to top that all off I a, going to be making Christmas cards, so my question is are there any particular styles like heat-embossing or ink blending or anything else that I could try before I rush into everything at once?

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Yes, you can check to see if there any scrap stores around you that have classes to try some new things. If you like something specific look and see if you can find a video of it on Utube or at manufacturers website. If it looks good on a video, see if there is a class where they show you in person how to use it. I know many stores have demos or if you get a good sales person, they will show you right then how to use it. I know my Michaels used to have demo day on Saturdays. Maybe you can find a company like StampinUp who has a demonstrator in your area? Some of those ladies may invite you to another persons party or come to your home and show you what you are interested in? Cannot hurt to ask! Welcome to and I hope you find what works for you, but don't go too crazy on the stuff you are unsure about.

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YouTube is your best friend in this type of situation. You can pretty much get a general idea of what you would really like to do by watching the YouTube videos. In the end you really won't know what you prefer until you try it out. I actually took a copic tutorial class online a few months ago. After watching the tutorial I knew that I had to have some of those. Here I am now with about 30 copics and in love with them. I told my BF to come with copic markers instead of flowers LOL.

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Everyone has there their favorite products and companies. You have to find what works for you. I love that I can get matching ink, matching papers, matching embossing colors all from Stampin' Up. But I am a demo so I am a little swayed!!!
Look on youtube or crafting blogs and see if there is a style you like. Then you can start there, find out the products they used, get one or two and recreate. Then google, youtube, pinterest what else you can do with those supplies. When you run out of ideas, move on to another technique or product that you want to try.

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I used to (and still do) browse through our gallery here and added layouts that I loved to my favorites. You have to find a style you like and then can go and have fun purchasing your goodies. You'll definitely need a paper trimmer, scissors, adhesive (I favor photo splits) and paper.

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I think you made the right decision following this forum. There are tons of inspirations here and you really get good advice from everyone. I often browse through various threads in this forum, but also sometimes check out tutorials on youtube. There's great stuff there, too!

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I do too! Here is so much inspiration and ideas.

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