Username Post: Do You give your Postal Person Holiday Gifts?        (Topic#1582673)
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I am just curious because I have for many years, learned it from my Mom. She always made home made quick breads and other goodies and gave their Postman daily treats when he came by because she baked treats for many groups and friends. I started giving store bought treats, candies, teas and of course a hand made card to my postal person. Since I have lived in a small town for several years I give to everyone in the post office-5 people. I love to do it and this year we have a new Post Master. The old one got transferred, so I will send her a gift too! I just LOVE to do this!! Now I am not rich just love to make neat things and many times the candy is just a single serving package, or a Holiday package of chocolates, I can afford that once a year. But sometimes I carve ornaments from wood or make an angel ornament or give a hand made box of Thank You cards or other craft. They seem to appreciate them and I have never seen my crafts at the local thrift stores, LOL!! But I want them to know I appreciate the work they do in getting our mail to us especially in the hard Winters we have here.
So do you give your Postal Person anything, or let them know they are appreciated? I do consider a card a gift too I am not intending to make anybody feel bad...many people do not do this so if you don't, no big deal, my curiosity just gets me asking this time of year.

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In reply to ur post yea i do give a card to the postman and i also have given to the ups man.

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I don't do that now. I live in a rented apartment and never see the postal worker. I do leave a Christmas card as a token of appreciation.

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