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Hello Everyone,

I'm having a bit of trouble with the coloring of my card, which I am creating from scratch using custom patterns and papers. The reason I chose to do this, rather than going out and buying designer papers and cardstock, is because I am using influences from a video game (Animal Crossing, on the Nintendo Wii) and I really want the video game's influences to be strong.

Background: The game is a life simulation game (sort of like a cutesy SIMS or a much more fleshed out version of Farmville). It is a very carefree and colorful game, with a child like innocence. The star pattern in the background is the texture of the snow in the game, so I really do not want to edit the base color (that baby-like blue) of that design too much.

Card ideas/goals: I am going to make the circle that the characters are in a shaker, so I wanted to keep the polkadot background somewhere in the blue/blue-green family. The circle border around the image will be the frame for the shaker. I'm also thinking of using Sook-Wang sheets & transparent glitter for the starry background, to make the card less "flat".

Problem: I'm having trouble with the bottom half of the card. I believe it is called an "lap band"? I would like to introduce new colors while still maintaining a sense of harmony & holiday spirit. I really don't want it to look like two separate cards, and every time i introduce a red, gold or green it just looks out of place. I'm also very lost on how to make the sentiment stand out, and am curious as to whether or not the shaker image "pops" enough as it is currently colored.

If anyone has any helpful tips, comments or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. The people here do wonderful work! Thank you.

The card image, as it currently stands: ardlay...

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Is this going to be a digital card or are you making it IRL?

To me the polka dot circle is to close in color and print to the background paper. You can change one to help. Or maybe instead of grey - accent with a different color. Black? The red and green sentiment seems out of place against the blue because it doesn't have an anchor anywhere else in the card.

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the way i am going to construct it is to print out the bottom panel, including the sentiment, and cut it to size. the star background is going to be its own separate sheet, which will be cut to size & glittered. the outside circle which is surrounding the polka dots will be the window of the shaker, so that is another sheet. and finally, the characters will be printed out over that polka dot design so i don't have to cut those elements out individually. i'm really terrible at using scissors.

i've since toyed around with brown as an accent, to maybe tie it into the female character's dress. i was afraid to use black, because it is a holiday card and i was afraid that would come across maybe a little too dark. but i will try it out and see how it looks.

i'll also look into changing the polka dot colors.

these are the other colors i've been testing out for the bottom panel: ardlay...

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In response to dxmkrew

I like the gray, maybe a shade of pink for the sentiment letters?

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I would make the grey a bit darker to increase contrast. Beside that, great!

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