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Hi all...I am fairly new to stamping and I just started embossing and the powder is not sticking :/ I am using Stampabilities ink pad and Zing Powder with Opaque finish. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong? Thanks :)

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Hi and welcome!

What kind of Stampabilities ink are you using? They make lots of different kinds: pigment, metallic, dye - and embossing. A dye ink on a porous paper will soak straight in and there will be nothing left for the powder to stick to. Make sense?

The best ink to use is something which does not dry instantly. Pigment ink should work, or the embossing pad which is specially designed for embossing. Make sure you have plenty of ink on your stamp, and work quickly. Have the embossing powder ready, and put it on as soon as you've stamped the image. Then heat using a proper heat gun - a hair-dryer simply won't do the job. Heating from underneath the paper will help stop the powder from blowing away. Keep the heat source moving so you don't scorch the paper.

Hopefully that should sort the problem out. Good luck!

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