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Just wanted to ask, about the eBosser.

I just purchased it from Joann's online since it's $179 with free shipping, but its kind of an impulse buy due to the lower price. Does anyone have it? and if so, do you like it? I got it because I have been eyeing it for awhile, but I don't like spending over 100 dls unless it's good! I guess, either way it's mine now!


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I have a friend who swears by it and I haven't heard anything negative about it yet. I hope to get one for Christmas. Had no idea Joann's carried them!

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So far I'm loving mine. I have carpal tunnel so the hand cranking was getting kinda old. I was eyeing the Vagabond, but the price was a little beyond my reach. Then I saw the eBosser and I was sold. I did pay $199 but I got it with 3 of the 8 1/2x11 embossing folders which I thought was a pretty good deal...

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