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  • ckair on 11-29-12 06:54 AM

I am thinking about asking for a photo printer for Christmas. I want one mainly so I can print pictures in different sizes that has pictures of a decent quality. Can anyone give me some advice? I am sorry if this question has been asked before.

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I'm not happy with my HP, the fave I ever had was an epson. I would suggest you go to one of the big stores like best buy or staples and ask them to print something off of a usb that you take in and see which one you like the quality of best.

Best buy is good about doing this so is Office mart and a few others. They want to make the sale so they will work with you.

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I have an Epson 725 - arctic edition and LOVE it! It's a little big because it's also a scanner, but the quality is great. I don't print ALL of my photos on it, just when I need to edit or print a different size.

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angie girl
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Epson all the way. You cannot go wrong with them.

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Here's a link to photo printer ratings (I hope it's ok since it's not anything being sold and not anything they sell on here...)

I have the HP photosmart C310 and am very happy with it. It produces the best photos of any printer I've ever had...
Canon Pixma's always seem to get good ratings as well.

Good Luck with your decision! There does seem to be a huge difference in quality with a photo printer to an all-in-one type printer in my experience......


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