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Hello all,

I had posted awhile back about a litter of 5 kittens we rescued. They are now 7 months old and absolutely precious. We found loving, permanent homes for 3 of them but are still looking for homes for the remaining two. I know there are a lot of kitty lovers here so wanted to see if anyone would be willing to open their hearts and homes to one of these sweeties. My husband and I would be willing to drive a few hours for them to have a loving home.

They are both male, litter trained, neutered, updated on all vaccines and have been given clean bills of health, several times from our vet. No fleas, no ear mites, tested negative for FVL.

They are both so loving and playful. One is a black and white tuxedo kitty with long, black, beautiful, silky fur and the sibling is short hair, dark gray with a white chest and paws. Very muscular kitty.

I would love to keep these kitties but our four cats will not tolerate it. Two of ours are especially jealous and territorial so I really need to find GOOD homes for these kitties.

Right now they are staying in my scraproom and extra bathroom. They now need much more space since getting bigger and I need my scrap space back. LOL!

If you are interested or know anyone who may be..please email me and I will send pics and more info to you. [email protected] FYI-I live in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Aw!!! I hope you find a home(or homes!) for them!! I have 4 we adopted a few months ago and would never be able to let them go. 2 of the 4 adults we already had are not happy but the other 2 have adjusted wonderfully. You are Great and Wonderful for helping those little babies out!

You might consider, if you have not already, posting a note on the bulletin board at your vet's office if they have one.

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Karen B
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We're at our family limit, 2 cats and a dog, but have you tried Feliway? It's an artificial pheremone than reduces stress in cats and can be helpful during introduction periods. The product says to allow a month for it to work, but we could see a big difference in 2 weeks. Our last kitty was high-stress and we used it for a few years with him as it made a big difference. Best price I've seen is on Amazon.

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