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I'd like to say I'm a scrapper; however, I confess that I'm really just addicted to collecting craft supplies.

When my mother died in 2004, my sister and I found a lot of beads that she had been making jewelry (mostly earrings), with while she and Dad were traveling in their RV. We thought this would be fun to do, together, and, as is a habit with us, dove into the deep end of the pool....

We have had a lot of fun with this, but in the process of buying beads (and, yes, scrapbooking is going to figure in to the story), we frequently ended up buying more beads that we really needed for our projects, because that was how the beads were packaged.

About a year into the beading venture, my sister was blessed with her first grandchild, and now has a grandson and 2 grandaughters. Naturally, she began collecting photos, bragbooks, and turned into a scrapping fiend!!! Seriously, she is amazing at it! My husband passed away in 2003 (heart attack), and two years ago, on my birthday, my sister gave me a beautiful scrapbook of photos of my husband and myself. It was a tearful moment in a very public restaurant, but I love it!

I decided that I wanted to jump on the bandwagon, and hit the deep end of the pool again. I'm a compulsive organizer, and sorting pretty colors of paper was just as much fun as sorting beads. My initial intention was to make digital scrapbooks, and embellish them (after printing), with stickers, etc. But.........I couldn't stop at just stickers. I began buying papers and cardstock, and scanning the backgrounds to use in my digital scrapbooks.

Here's the pathetic confession part..... I haven't completed a single scrapbook. I have scanned hundreds of photos, which is the only constructive thing I've done, since it provides my sister with photos for her projects. I did produce a digital photo presentation for my father's memorial service in 2008, but for the most part, I just shuffle my hoard of craft supplies between container storage systems. I have spent a small fortune on all of this, and have reached the conclusion that I am not a scrapper. I have enjoyed putting together greeting cards, but it usually takes me about 3 hours to do one card, because I keep changing my mind.

Now that you are all exhausted with my is my plea...What do I do now? Over the years, I have culled some of my hoard and donated some to a local senior center for their scrap sessions; however, I have a lot of $$ tied up here, and am now retired with less income than when I started all this. I have a lot of dies for manual cutting machines (Cuttlebug, Sizzix, Quikutz and Spellbinders,) and a huge hoard of paper and embellishments. I won't allow myself to consider the electronic machines. What can I do to recoup something from my madness? Any ideas? I'm sure I'm not alone in this affliction... I would like to keep only items to use with occasional greeting cards.

OMG! I just read this, and, if I didn’t truly need your help, I would delete this and go back to living secretly with my shame. LOL! I am soooo sorry.

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I feel your enthusiasm to collect .

I have a nifty collection of jewelry supplies but have completed maybe 6 items. A good selection of metal jewelry components and as we all know copper isn't cheap.

I started doing the family genealogy and after a 2 year membership to I have 4 grocery bags of stuff printed out for a scrap book. So I decided to get started on the scrap book. Began researching and found this site and all the many many cool items. Now a couple of thousand $$$$$'s into I have yet to make a single page because I then discovered holiday cards.

I had to have a Big Shot which led me down yet another path of collections. I have made about 50 cards and sold maybe 20. This really shocked my husband. I have a huge stash of Christmas paper now. Haven't made a card since Nov 15.

Anyway enough of my collections... I see a couple of avenues you could explore. has a supplies section where you can sell craft supplies. And there's always craig's list. I've see a lot of craft and scrapbook items for sale on craig's list.


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A few options...eBay or Garage/Yard Sale if you don't want to go to the trouble of packing and shipping. Make kits with pretty paper or CS and embellies that match or coordinate, put little baggies or snack ziploc with beads and jewelry.

Like the other poster said, Craigslist is always good for local pickup. I've heard of Etsy and also Listia. Take one day at a time and good luck!!

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Good luck with your collection. Do you have any friends who would enjoy learning how to craft? A few times, I have gathered up a bunch of supplies... put them in the photo boxes from a local big box craft store (about $2 each), invited 3 gals over, and showed them how to make cards. then each lady took a box home that included her cards. They had a blast and the fun evening made a tiny, tiny dent in my stash. I do keep scraps and sort them into plastic tote folders according to color families. I also use my punches and punch batches of shapes out of the scraps. Then each lady gets an envelope of punchouts to take home. I call it my stash bash.

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We all collect!!!! I don't think there is a scrapper out there that doesn't!!!
Here's the key: Use what you have!!! You will feel great about using it, you won't have to spend anymore money, and you will have great satisfaction in what you did!!!

I scrapbook and I make cards! Cards are a great way to use up scraps! I post a lot of cards on my blog, with detailed photos. You can also look on pinterest. Find a card that you like and try to make it on your own. Beads are great for cards!!! Or on scrapbook pages!!
Try and do a mini album, 8X8 albums go very quickly and you can use some of your supplies.

Give a shot!!! You will be addicted!!!!

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I agree! But if you decide it isn't your cup of tea and you have a LSS, you could check and see when their next garage sale is. Mine used to have one every six months or so, before it closed.

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