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I just entered the world of scrapbooking a month ago and I am wondering what is the best type of scrapbook a newbie should make. Any suggestions?

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ANything you would love to share or will be happy to work on. I just go for whatever pictures I have available and what they speak to me. I would start with a mini album so it is quick and easy, then move to bigger sizes until you find the best style for you.


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I agree!!! Start with some pictures that are fun or that you really like!! Good luck and have fun!!!!!

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There are way more reasons and things to scrap than there is time. I'm working on a book of my gardening, and ancestry, and motorcycling and football and dogs. All at the same time. I like to skip around and do what I'm in the mood for.

You could start with a "Book of me"!

Good luck and Welcome, this is an awesome website to get your started.

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I started with a small album each on my dog and cat before working on my favorite photos. By the time I was finished with the mini albums, I felt more comfortable to work on a bigger project. Have fun!

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I did a small pet album, too. The important thing is to just get started and make one.

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I work in 8 1/2 x 11 size and started with 1 page and worked my way up from there. I put them into the page protectors and now have about 12 albums(binders which go on sale at back to school time). Many people do the 12 x 12 size but I like the smaller size I use.
Depending on the size you choose to start, get or make your embellishments( I like rubber stamp designs). You will be on your way to scrap booking creativity and more picture taking I watch at garage sales in the Summer time to get cool supplies and find tons of them and cardstock too!
Welcome! I am sure you will find many ideas in the Gallery too to inspire your new hobby
Have Fun and people are always here to answer questions you might have along the way! Just remember to use scrap safe papers and cardstock and your pictures will last for many many years for everybody to look at!

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