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Just wanted to inform as many people as possible that PC will no longer make the Gypsy or Imagine. I'm afraid what will happen with all the carts that I have linked to this Gypsy if it dies because I will not be able to link them to anything else. Also, I wonder what HP ink cartridges will work with the Imagine should they stop making those available. At this point, I am so over PC.

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As this has been a rumor for quite a while, please understand my skepticism. Can you share with us where you heard this information? I, too, own a Gypsy and would be very sad if it quit working, but need to see hard facts to fully believe PC will discontinue it.
If indeed this is true, thanks for sharing!

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I'm not surprised at this--I was at a crop recently and there were lots of ladies that had never seen a Gypsy and were amazed at what my friend could do with one. So many of them said that they would be putting one on their Christmas list, but when I searched online to see what the going rate was I could only find a handful of sites that still had them for sale.

I am not a Cricut person (love my Cameo!) but if I had ever gotten into Cricut products I would have definitely gotten a Gypsy because it is very handy!

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I'm not surprised to hear this. Especially when Michaels discontinued selling them over a year ago!! I don't own one - but I know a lot of people sold their original carts since they had the gypsy. I would be afraid to do that for this particular reason!

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