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My sweet dh bought this for me for Xmas. I saw a video that showed how to pack it, and the girl said she pretty much uses this for her crop bag. Anyone else use this at crops? Right now, I use something similar to a CIS and a CIS Jr, and an assortment of snap ware containers.
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I've never used it but it looks cool! Enjoy.

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I use it for my Cameo and the supplies I need for that (mats, blades, cords, laptop, etc.) but there's not a lot of room for much else. I have a tool caddy from CM that fits in the top part just right and that holds my pens and the Amy Chomas pen attachments for my Cameo.

It doesn't roll that great becauase it's a lot taller than it is wide, but it gets my Cameo to and from the car. But it's great for that because I almost never leave my Cameo overnight at a multi-day crop--between the machine and my laptop it's an investment that I can't afford to lose should the building burn down or whatnot!!!

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I found a piece of rolling luggage in that shape and it held a lot. I didn't use it for a Cameo; I just used it for scrap travel.

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