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Okay I'm not new to scrapbooking (by any means) but I've resisted buying a die cut machine because I've purchased so many punches over the years & even recently I've gone a little crazy with all these fun new better made EK & Martha's border punches but I've always thought how I'm missing out on doing so many other great things like alphabets or having the embossed die cuts. I've dry & heat embossed since forever but it (dry) can be exhausting. Anyways so I want to buy one but if I'm going to finally take the plunge I want it to do everything! But I don't want to have to give up my left lung & right leg to do it I've been looking for the last month & I'm at a loss & when I did find one that seemed cool I couldn't find anyone that had one for sale - The Sizzix Big Kick something - it was one that you could plug in but not hooked to your computer. I don't want one that has to depend on my comp but electric is fine & I'd prefer one that uses dies not software. Advise from owners is preferable - thank you!

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Sounds like you're thinking of the Big Shot Express, which I don't think is in production anymore and has pretty much been replaced by the nearly identical (in function but not in appearance) Sizzix Vagabond.

However, if you don't mind cranking the dies through by hand, you can save a bit of money by getting a regular Big Shot or Big Kick (same machine with slightly different colors and design) without an electric motor.

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I am still a major fan of my Cuttlebug since it die cuts and embosses. No electricity and takes many brands of embossing folders.

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I have the Cuttlebug and the Big Shot, and I tend to reach for my Big Shot more often, probably because it's flatter and I lack vertical storage space. I think the electric motor on the Vagabond would be nice, but not a necessity for the extra money you spend. Besides, there's something nice and basic about cranking the handle and watching your work come out the other side. Adds to the whole "I did it!" feeling I love when scrapbooking!

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