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I'm working on my first scrapbook (12x12") and I've hit a snag. The pages have an old-fashioned feel inspired by classic children's literature. The problem is that I can't find an album I like. Everything I've found is really modern - plastic page protectors, spiral binding, and binder rings.

Does anyone have any tips, links, or examples of custom albums that don't use plastic inserts or binder rings? I've thought about doing fabric or leather covered chipboard, but I can't find a good binding solution that will still allow the book to open flat.

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The reason for the plastic page protectors is to protect the pictures from dirt, grease, etc. If you want something without the plastic (I do not recomend it given how much junk I see on mine) then try CM Albums without the page protectors. After seeing how dirty mine get from people handling them I wouldn't want them to go uncovered but if thats what you want its an option.

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I agree. The page protectors protect the pages from fingerprints, smudges and acid from touching the pages and also they keep things from falling off. Letters fall off sometimes and its nice that they are safely in the page protector ready to be glued back down.

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I do not use albums, but use the Cinch. I know it has its issues as well, but it does allow me to make albums in the size I want to. There is a limit to the amount of pages you can bind in this way. For that reason my Asia album ended up being four different albums.
If you do not want to use any modern materials, maybe there is an option to bind your album like they bind books? I think there is a thermal binding machine by Provo Craft.

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