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Hello! I'm hoping that someone can help me. I lost all my scrapbooking albums and supplies in a homefire. The company who packed out my scrapbooking room tossed embellishments in flip top boxes and did not count them or inventory them--just tossed them. Does anyone know an average cost of an embellishment. I had various brands including many JoLees collected over 16+ years. Any information you can provide would be helpful. Average cost? No. of embellishment pkgs. in a storage box? I know it is asking a lot...but any ideas would be welcome. Thank you.

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average cost per embellishment is usually anywere from $3 to $6 a package.

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If you have an idea of what you had then I would suggest looking on line here for prices or you could take a trip to an Ms or LSS and check out their prices....


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I'm so sorry about the fire. I can't imagine how that must feel.

Is this question for an insurance claim? Is your insurance new-for-old? If it is, you'd want to know how much it would cost to replace them at today's prices. Only you would know the size of your storage bins and how many packages you managed to get into them. I agree about going to a local store and making some estimates.

It's going to be impossible to guess at the value of what you've lost, but you might be able to work out roughly how much it would cost you to replace them. Good luck!

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When I had to fill out an insurance claim for the lost contents (food) in my kitchen I did a quick walkthrough of a grocery store and jotted down prices. "at the end of the day" I don't even think the insurance company cared all that much about the exact details. I gave them a reasonable amount and they cut a check no questions asked.

PS if you have receipts, your check book, online records you can also use that to help you calculate a reasonable amount.

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That is horrible! I would agree with the first person $3 - $6 per package on average. They are so small its hard to say how many you had total. I would guess high though!

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What a bad experience. I hope you can recover the cost of your supplies.

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