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Username Post: 1000s of pictures later, where do I begin?        (Topic#1584227)
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It's like the old cliched question, How do you eat an elephant -- one bite at a time.
Just pick a way, chronological, event, person and dig in. You will find your way through and you will enjoy the journey once it is done.

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God Bless you. Maybe you can decide to have one baby album and one childhood album per grandchild.That narrows the field somewhat. Go through and pick out 80 of your favorite photos per child. Start there. One photo at a time.

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I started scrapbooking about 6 years ago because I wanted to do an album dedicated to my mom, who had recently passed away. When I completed that book, my plan was to start working my way through my kids, so they could each have one, and then go back and do my childhood...but best plaid plans of mice and scrapbookers....

Now I've completed two baby books, working on the third, for my 3 grandbabies, all of who were born within the last 4 years. I have two full books of pages that are in no way chronological whatsover, but are photos that inspired me. AND I have a Project Life-ish album in the works that is a loosely chronological exploration of our lives after my fiance and I got together.

I think you do what inspires you most and let the book tell you which way to go. If you think chronologically, scrapbook that way. If not, pick a favorite photo of one of your loved ones, and tell the story, then that one will inspire another favorite picture, and so on. I think you can do pages that don't have a specific album home until you're done and then it will be, "a-ha, so and so will love this page!"

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I'm going to throw something else out there....Project Life. Check out Becky Higgin's blog. She has videos of several people that have got caught up on years of scrapping by using this system. It might help you.

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My girls were 4, 11, and 15 when I started scrapbooking. I have to take smaller bites of the huge project of catching up. The first album I completed/got up to date was Halloween. I pulled every picture, from every Halloween since they were born and got dow to business with all of them. I do pretty well about keeping current stuff done, but as far as going through the older stuff I have to narrow it down some. I did their births, and subsequent birthdays, our wedding, and am starting on Easters now.

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Wow Samaclean--my kids were 1 5 and 7 when I started--and I started with Halloween as well...Halloween layouts are fun and easy to do--It has been 8 years of scrapping for me now--I have 2 family albums, a Christmas album, a travel album, and an individual album for each of my girls. I just scrap what photos I like--Im going for the snapshots of life, not completeness....


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I am new here and I am in the same situation, I have grand-babies I have been wanting to scrap for a couple of years, went out bought supplies but then never could get started,i thought there is no way my albums will look like I want them to... so I have so many pictures and I decided this was my year to start. I have been reading blogs etc, and learned there is no wrong way,I can say this I am glad i did take the time to read and research because i learned so much. As for my pictures I am starting with the present time and going forward,if i have the time to go back and back older then i will if not I am putting those old pictures into regular picture albums, like project with some jornal cards here and there....I was going to do a seperate book for each child hmmmm no way and as stated would be the same pictures over and over....I look forward to future post and I wanted to say I love the site and Thanks to everyone for all they do for us beginners

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Henri Jean
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I started about 2007 and only went forward. I would like to do a book of my husband and me when we were dating - it may or may not happen.

One of the ladies on the Flapper boards gave me a great idea and I love it and am going to do it...

She is putting all her layouts in the computer and having Snapfish or SHutterly - forgot which make albums for her. She gets them with coupons and they are not that expensive.

I am keeping all my layouts in their original scrapbook albums and I am only doing them once.

I plan to scan them and then make a book for each of my sons with their stuff but they will be copies of the layouts and professionally bound for a coffee table book. I will make a book for each of our trips. I may do one of just holidays or Christmas - using all the layouts throught the years. WIll do one for my grand daughter later but they will all be from scanned in layouts in different books.

THen my ideas is to keep a few books of the original works that I really love - my very favorites. The rest I will just pack away. So if yo want to see my China layouts they will be in a bound book. A few of my very favorites may be in the dimensional scrapbook but onlyh if they are my very favorites.

We go to Hawaii twice a year so I will put the scanned images from Hawaii all in one book.

She is actually taking her older books apart because she is so happy with the way the bound books are turning out but I do want to leave my very favorites intact.

I especailly like that idea since a lot of our layouts have both of my sons and my granddaugter and I can make a book for each of them.

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