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  • Vae on 01-20-13 08:07 PM

I'm going to be getting my own scraproom in the near future and I'm trying to plan the furniture (considering getting built in cabinets). The one thing I am stuck on is how I want to store my paper. Right now I use vertical storage but I'm not sure if I love it. I know I can't store it horizontally- I have WAY too much for that and need to be able to flip through it easily. So between vertical storage or hanging files, what do you find works best? I'd love to hear your pros and cons on the subject.

-Maximum use of space
-Can (kind of) see what I have

-Exposure to light
-The edges being worn after being flipped through
-Not easily able to "reorganize" my paper when I decide to group multiple categories together or to separate groups into multiple categories.

Hanging File Folders
-Quickly flip through papers
-Easy to keep organized and add papers into their sections
-Protected from light and dust


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I used to have hanging files when I scrapped in a craft closet I had converted. A friend made me a cabinet w 1 drawer for 12x12 and 1 for reg folders.
I now have a craft room. I bought a kitchen cabinet from a home improvement store. I have my printer on the pull out drawer inside the cabinet. I got cabinets from Ikea. I bought stock countertops and put a board along the wall for support. So I now have countertops,along 2 walls. I put shelves on one wall all the way up. For the paper, I got Kaisercraft beyond the page mdf storage units. 2 of them, painted them white, turned them on their side and put them on one of the shelves right above my work area. I like the Kaisercraft better because the dividers are smaller, making it hold more paper. It holds all my cardstock. Patterned paper are in a vertical paper holder on a shelf or in seperate files in a basket on floor.
The file drawer was fine and worked good, but didn't hold enough. I would have to pull the file out to figure out what I wanted to use then squeeze the folder back. Just got tired of that.
I like what I have because the cardstock is right there above my head. I need to take pics and post them. I've been cleaning in there this weekend, so maybe when I get done cleaning.
Good luck,with planning your room. To me that's the fun part. But then I'm kind of an organizational freak.
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I use Horizontal storage and even tho I have a tiny bedroom in the attic atm I managed to have one cabinet filled with paper tays, on colour, shapes n themes. I do have a lot of paper and I mean... me bedroom I have a bed, display cabinet, drawer piece for small clothing, desk and a half cabinet for me papers. I find this easier cause the paper stays nice n neat. I have it organised on colour so if I want to work with a particular colour, I can take the stack out and flip thru that. On me desk which is the size of a regular roomdoor, I have storage built with shelves where I store bins with smaller embellishments. Those are organized on rubons, alphabets, flowers, ribbons ect...I went from a full attic space for only me crafts to a quarter attic space for all me personal belongings (moved from own home to parents home) and I must say, I manage. I did not want to reduce the paper space as I was just done organising it how I find it handy. I know there are scrap cabinets that are the width of a 12x12 paper tray and they go from floor to ceiling. Those can be put right next to a desk or something... They hold a lot of space for the trays and paper.
I reckon, when paper "hangs" it eventually start bending thru the middle...

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I have both. I use hanging files for my pp so I can search through them easily. My card stock is horizontally stored by color.

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I'm a vertical using the Cropper hopper plastic holders. I've never ruined edges because, I guess, of how I look for paper/cs. I have each holder divided into three sections: plain, patterned, specials (die cut or embossed). When I want to look for a color to match I grab a handful and pull it out and fan through it until I find the right one, then put them back in.

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I had a hanging file system and found I had too much paper for the 2 racks I had. My DH hated them, also. When my LSS went out of business, he bought me three or her paper racks and I am in heaven! One is for Cardstock, one for patterned and specialty papers and one for paper collections.
He also bought me one of the revolving racks to hang all my stickers, bling etc.. from-- my room looks like a store and I LOVE it! I am so lucky! It is all organized and easy to see so I can use it-

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I used sort of a hanging file system when I first got into scrapping then I had too much paper and grew out of takes a lot of hanging files to hold paper....
Now, I use a vertical/horizontal storage (picture below but I have way more now!)
I actually like the way I have it sits on an Expedit storage unit right at the end of my desk so it's all within reach. It doesn't get hit by the sun (the papers fit right inside the shelves) so no fading. I put dividers in so that I can easily find the colour, theme, pattern I am looking for....
When I pull out the bunch of paper in a particular colour or theme, sometimes something else gets my attention and I find something that I wasn't originally looking for....
It works for me, anyway!

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