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I'm thinking about replacing my Fiskers cutter because it's beginning to cut wonky. I'm leery of the rotary cutters because I'm afraid I wouldn't get the precision that I think I WAS getting from my Fiskers.

Pros or cons on both sides of the rotary/blade debate?

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I have a Fiskars cutter and a rotary cutter. I have went back to the old Fiskars and rarely use the rotary. The rotary is really nice because it has a grid that helps you ensure that you're not cutting crooked, and when you snap down the blade holder, it holds the paper in place so it doesn't slip. But..... I found that it takes a lot more force to use the rotary; I had to press down really hard to make sure it went through the paper. It also is not good for cutting thin strips or cutting only part way through the page, IMO. The standard Fiskars is nowhere near perfect, but I find that I like using it better.

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I'll throw another option out there:
a guillotine cutter
I just did a blog post on a guillotine trimmer and I am IN LOVE with it... and I NEVER thought I wanted one!!!!

I have found this trimmer had the lowest learning curve of any trimmer I have used. One quick motion down, perfect trim every time!!! Best part, no more blades or replacement pieces!!!!!!

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I have the fiskars rotary trimmer. I love it. I don't have to push very hard to cut all the way through the paper. I use Bazzill and Stampin Up so my paper isn't thin.
I'm able to cut little strips of paper and they are always straight. I never have to worry about wonky cuts. I don't know what's different about my rotary trimmer but it's fantastic. I love cutting straight, and gentle on my hands. I have the beginnings of arthritis so I'm careful.

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i also have a big fiskers rotary trimmer, ive been using it since 2004 and would not ever go back to the regular blade cutting fiskers. I have wrist issues and cannot use my hands to press hard on things. I dont have to press hard to use the rotary trimmer and it cuts so much smoother than the non rotary trimmer. The blades last so much longer too.

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I like rotaries with changeable decorative blades. A deckle edge is one of my favorite!

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Henri Jean
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I'd fight if anyone tried to take my Fiskars rotary trimmer from me. I do not have good luck with Guillitines at all - gave away a big professional one becuase everything I cut was crooked. It was made for a large art studio or office but I hated it.

The Fiskars rotary cuts up to 4 papers at a time and I never have a crooked cut unless I don't take the time to line it up properly against the edge and that is my fault, not the trimmer's.

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I have the Fiskars blade trimmer, rotary trimmer, and the guillotine trimmer. I used to do demos with them and I gave them quite a workout.

Blade: I love this one and it's my hand's down favorite because the blades are quick and easy to replace; I can quickly switch from a cutting blade to a scoring blade; it's very lightweight so it travels to crops well; and it's small, so it fits in with my small scrap area. Replacement blades are easy to find.

Rotary: I love this one, too. It's great for trimming photos because the blade doesn't wear down too fast. It's very steady, so my cuts are usually perfect. Replacement blades are easy to find. On the downside, I find changing the blades cumbersome and sometimes dangerous. I cut myself badly on one once.

Guillotine: I honestly hate this one. I tossed it after my demo days were done. Perhaps I just got a bad one, but I could never get a decent cut with mine. When cutting, you have to remember to hold your paper very steady or the cut will be crooked. My friend, however, adores her guillotine and never has a problem with it.

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I started with a trimmer and moved to a rotary and I'm never going back. I have a small guillotine for cutting photos and photo mats, but it's so tiny I can't use it for the big stuff.

I've found that the rotary cuts smoother, the blade lasts longer, and has the same accuracy as the trimmer. I was so tried to going through trimmer blades, the rotary blades last for months and months instead of weeks.

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