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Just wondering if those of you that have this are you happy with it? I am thinking about getting one, it looks like something you could really use to dress cards and pages up with. Are there any cons to it, and is it pretty durable? Looks like it is pretty easy to use as well. Help me make my mind up.

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I have it, but I'm not thrilled with it. It's harder than it looks to get them to stick. It's fine if you want to just use a couple as an accent, but if you want to curve them or use very many to go around something, it's very hard to get them lined up and stay while they heat. There are also some pearl bling, but I can't get them to stick no matter how long I hold it on them.
I would just as soon use stikon bling.

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  • Vae on 01-30-13 06:12 AM
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I saw a youtube video a while back showing someone who would make a design with hot glue... a swirl or whatever. Then she would use the heat tool to rewarm the hot glue as she added more bling to it. It seemed much easier than the i rock.

Then she was able to peel the whole thing up off the craft mat and put it on her project. I wish I could remember the name of the video.

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I have it, but I rarely use it.

At first I was all excited and I used it often. BUT, I only have one size of the hot fix gems and it takes a while to do any kind of pattern because you have to heat set every single one. It is just easier to use sticky back gems.

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i have it and use it often. Ive not had any issues with getting the gems or pearls to stick. Its so much easier than trying to put glue on the back of gems individually. I tried the gems with the adhesive already on them but always had trouble getting them off the sheet with the adhesive still in tact.

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I have one and am a little disappointed in the short life of the batteries. I wish I had gotten one that plugged in instead.

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