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I own a lovely dslr camera. But it's getting heavy to drag around. I would love to purchase a high megapixel compact camera with a zoom lens that has image stabilization and a fantastic auto function. I want the camera to do it all! Any suggestions? Am I asking for too much? And of course, it has to take great pics without too much thought.....yep...I want it all!

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Canon Powershot S100 has all of that and also (I believe) is the only point and shoot that also has the ability to shoot in manual mode...
I was looking into one for myself but got a new DSLR instead....


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I just got a Nikon Coolpix L 810 for Christmas. It has all kind of zoom and different features that I have not gone thru yet. I really love it, and it can get me so close to who ever I am trying to get a pic of! It is very light, which I love also, but I, being a bit of a fool at working things, can operate it easily, and mostly one handed too. I really love it!

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I have a Canon Powershot SD 1400is it pretty cool camera. I usually just use it for quick snapshot with family or friends if we are having get togethers or going to weddings.
I use it for that or just taking videos or doing vlogs for my youtube channel.


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  • Vae on 01-30-13 06:17 AM
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I've gone through many canon powershots and love them (I tend to lose them or break them though). The best thing about them is they are pretty much the fastest ones (that I know of) in that size. You need fast for any action or low light situations. I'm constantly taking photos in low light so this is the only camera for me. Of course, I make sure to get the fastest memory cards too- that makes a huge difference.

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  • KimKV on 01-30-13 06:22 AM
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Canon Power Shot SX260 HS I got this one for Christmas and I love it!! I have the SX110 IS and really liked it. We spent over an hour at Best Buy with the guy works in that department looking at all the cameras that were in the price range I wanted to spend.

This camera does panoramic and burst shots, a feature I love because you just hold the button down and it takes pictures crazy fast.

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hello i just got a nikon cool pix for xmas but strangly i noticed yesterday the "TABS" on the top of the camera were out and it was slightly ajar on top making any sense yet? it still works great but looks wierd like someone tried to open it then quickly shut it in a bad way???
what do i do now?

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I love my Nikon!

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i just started shooting with a nikon coolpix p510 and so far I really like it. I had been shooting with a Canon D10 since 2004 but it was getting to be too heavy to lug around due to my wrist issues. The Nikon is so much lighter than the Canon (still love. my canon though).

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Completely understand. We have a dslr that takes fantastic pictures, but I keep my little one in my purse. I have had two different versions of the Nikon Coolpix. They both have had all of the features you described and take great pictures. And I should add that the only reason the first one met it's demise was because I kept dropping it. It had lost some screws, the front plate and something else, but until the last drop still took excellent pictures.

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I love love love my Canon Powershot! I just got a Canon Rebel (like 2 days ago) but I have no intentions of giving up my powershot it takes great pictures.

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