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Does anyone know how to make raindrops for LOs? Jolee's has a Baby Shower embellishment with these pretty clear with blue tint epoxy like raindrops and I would love to make some more to go with the couple from the sticker pack.

You can kind of see them in this picture, but not all that well. 135.106...

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I had a somewhat hard time seeing & or zooming in on your example.

Ideas off the top of my head...

- Clear dewdrops, page pebbles or 'skittles' would work.

You can color or dye them pink, blue, purple, yellow or whatever color you might like.

- In the past, I have used both dimensional & flat raindrop stickers.

- Perhaps you could use some clear dimensional glue to achieve the look you are going for.

= Acrylic, laminate or clear packaging paper

- Glitter or foil paper

- Ink, chalk, mists...


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In addition to the ideas above, you can always draw a raindrop directly on the paper and then cover it with glossy accents.

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I've done this with a drop of the reinker linked above, mixing with glossy accents....

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maybe try a large drop of glossy accents then tilt the paper to let it slide down to form the raindrop shape? maybe mixed with the reinkers it will be fluid enough to do that

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A piece of plastic from packaging tinted with blue alcohol ink?

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elmers glue with the color tint that you want mix together and let dry on wax paper

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I'd use glossy accents or judikins dimensional glaze mixed with a drop of a dye re-inker. Mix it together on a piece of wax paper or in a plastic cup or plate that you can toss when you're done. Then use a toothpick like a brush and draw a drop or two or three on your page.

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you could also you pop-up glue dots and then clear emboss.

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I did this on a layout using an embossing pen, clear embossing powder, Ranger Crackle Medium, and Distress ink.

I drew the shape of the tear I wanted with the embossing pen (I think I used the Perfect Pearls one or the Inkadinkadoo one - I can't remember). I sprinkled it with clear embossing powder and heat set. That gave me the form.

I patted some Distress Ink - Stormy Sky or Chipped Sapphire - on an acrylic stamp block. I spritzed the ink a little bit to get it liquid-y and used a paintbrush to apply the ink the paper inside the tear shape.

Before the ink dried, filled in the form with Crackle Medium, with less at the top and more at the bottom of the tear.

It worked great and added a lot of dimension to my project!

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You can use hot glue and ink with alcohol inks

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