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  • ckair on 02-19-13 07:17 AM

I have a new love=Spellbinders for card making. (I am just getting into card making, old scrapbooker though). Question = how do you glue down the intricate edges on your cards without having the glue show through? Hope this makes sense. Thanks.

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If I were you, I'd ask an expert

Check out her gallery here :

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Zig glue pen... it makes very think lines of glue... about like an ink pen. You do have to work carefully when attaching the dies to cards but they make everything so beautiful. I only use my dies for cards.

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Kim dear, you are too funny (and too sweet!)

I was all excited to check out an expert's gallery!!!!

I generally DON'T glue down the lacy parts I just glue down the middle and let the lacy parts flap in the breeze,,,,often, my die cuts are raised on pop dots anyway,,, if I MUST glue them down, I usually use ATG and just rub away the adhesive that shows through the little holes

thank you for your compliments If you find a REAL expert,,,,,let me know

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Glue stick. Just dab it lightly onto the intricate parts, don't wipe it. Use stronger adhesive on the non-lacy bits for extra strength.

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I think Glue stick not always work on the sharper sides of cards. I also use ATG which is a good adhesive and it works well in such conditions.

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I use Tombow Mono adhesive. Just add dots of glue or small lines of glue. There's no need to glue the entire surface in most cases. I prefer Tombow Mono because any excess can be erased away with an adhesive remover. The adhesive remover by EK Success is my favorite.
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I have been thinking about buying them for the same reason. I may give in. The cards are so pretty with the frames done with Spellbinders!

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  • KDQ on 03-18-13 12:10 PM
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Zig glue pen is the best. You can buy diffrent tip sizes to glue the most intricate designs.

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