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I need a GOOD photo printer. I want to be able to print out my photos once a week or so. It has to be EASY to use, and won't break the bank on ink carts. Is there anything that is iphone friendly too! I take tons of pictures with my iphone that I would love to print. Do I need a separate printer for it??

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Henri Jean
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Henri Jean
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My son texts or emails me pictures to my iphone all the time. I just email to my computer, save them and print. Then I have them as a copy in my photo files on my computer.

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I have an HP Photosmart Premium that I like a lot. The picture quality is great. It prints quickly. The inks are not the cheapest around but neither are they the most expensive. They last a long time so I'm happy with that.

HP has an email ability that comes with their printers. You create an email address @HP and then just email stuff and it will print. It can be pictures or documents. YOu could use that to print from your iphone.
My printer is wireless as well. Was really easy to hook up and works great through wifi.
If you want to plug your printer in somewhere away from your computer that is something to consider.....


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I was searching for the same last year. Got a canon pixma 4220 - on sale for about 60 bucks. it prints, that's all I can say. it's also a scanner and a copier, which is good. we have another printer for everyday stuff, this one is just for pics. the ink is relatively cheap if you buy XL cartridges. What I dont like is a brownish tint to the photos - haven't figured out why yet - they all look dimmer than on the screen or than the printouts at the photo counter. I get my collages mostly printed at home, or photos that I need right away, or any custom size, but the rest I send to costco or walmart - cheaper and better quality, but need to actually go there and pick them up.
some of the things to consider:
(1) will you be printing regular stuff (maps, recipes, everyday things) or just photos
(2) do you prefer 5 color cartridges or all-in-one (2 cartridges). with 5 colors, if you run out of yellow, you can replace just yellow. but you still have to buy them all in a pack. with 2 you get less hassle replacing, just pop one out put the other in
(3) feeder (something I didn't think about): if you are printing on the heavy cardstock or any specialty paper, you don't want it to go through the roller inside - it might not bend enough or come out warped. check out where the paper comes in and where it comes out - opposite sides would be better .
(4) check the list of paper types provided - transparency, cardstock, envelopes, glossy photo paper, specialty thin paper, all good.
(5) check the options for color correction and calibration. I've come to think that auto color adjustment is not always a good thing.
(6) with phone pics, check if it has the wireless option - then you can send the pics directly to the printer. Canon has that and it's super great! also prints direct from the sd card.
good luck with your search)

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If you are looking for just a photo printer I highly suggest the cannon selphy cp900 I use it all the time to print my iphone photos directly from my phone and you can print about 100 photos for 30 dollars by ordering the ink and paper from amazon. I love that I can print wireless from my phone to the printer.

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My kiddos got me a Cannon PIXMA MG5220 last year. Its a wireless copier, printer, scanner. I love its wireless capabilities. I havejust last night replaced the inks for the second time in a year. So two cardridges per year is what I used and I tend to print a lot of items. The inks are seperate cartridges so if I only need to replace the blue I can. The photo paper goes int he back and comes out the front and the carstock and the copy paper goes in the front and comes out the front.

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