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Henri Jean
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Henri Jean

Was in Joanns today and a new Fiskars Fuse or Fusion jumped in my cart.

Now that I have it home I don't know what to do with it. If you hate yours please don't tell me. I'll cry.

But if you have tips or pointers or anything, please let me know.

It comes with a black ink pad but today I wanted to by other ink pads. I didn't know whether to get ones that said dye or pigment or what I needed. I wanted shiny ink too. So I bought 3 ink pads - just don't know if they are the right kind. And I have no idea what brand of ink pads are good, since I am not a stamper.

Also, you put the ink right on the die - but how do I clean it off?

It stamps, cuts and embosses in one pass. I love that.

The adaptor kit to use other company dies is $89 and so I'll probably just keep my Big Shot for use with nesties, embossing folders and other dies.

I never heard of it and didn't know I needed it until it followed me home!

Any tips, pointers, ideas? Tomorrow will be day of utubes and reading the manual before I actually try playing with it.

WHen I get it out of the box I want an idea of what to do with it. In addition to the 3 ink pads I bought the set with the two maple leaf dies - so cute!

Mother Goose
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Mother Goose
In response to Henri Jean

Got to love you, Henri. We must be kindred soals. I'm surrounded by machines that I just had to have, some I never use. I've got two gaint printers that print 12 x 12 (one scans 11-1/2 x 12. Just had to have them. Two Cricuts (rarely use them anymore). A rubber stamp maker that I've never been able to successfully make a stamp. Vagabond, sizzix embosser, grand calibur (I do use this a lot) and various other things that I just had to have. My room runneth over. I've looked at tha Fuse, but it has not temped to let it follow me home (yet) Keep us informed on how much you love or hate it.

corrie fan
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corrie fan
In response to Mother Goose

You can view the video for the fuse posted here in the store.

I already have a Cuttlebug and a Revolution (only works with the thin dies) so not tempted by this machine. I would not use the letterpress portion.

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