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Hiya all

So I have began to do a few beyond the page pieces and have been having trouble with adhesive. The few things i have done, either the glue buckles the paper as I apply is, or if I used double sided tape the paper warps a little and begins unsticking and bulging.
It's not a major issue but I does make my hard work look tatty.
Any suggestions from the experts?

Ta muchly

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I'm not sure what you mean by "beyond the page" because I don't scrapbook much anymore and have never used any products by that name. However, I do make cards and I love red tape for it's strength and how it never seems to make anything buckle. It's strong but super thin, so it doesn't add lumps, either.

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  • TesaB on 02-25-13 09:13 PM
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I often use Mod Podge for my more artsy projects with lots of layers and paint etc. It works as glue and as protection and gives a good surface to continue stamping, painting, layering, doodling... It dries matte and doesn't hurt the paper. I love my Mod Podge.

Plaid Enterprises - Mod Podge - Paper - 8 oz

When adhering embellies and stuff, I use my ordinary scrap glue or glue gun.

Good luck!

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I have some canvas wall hangings. I used 3L tape for the paper I used to cover the canvas, and Glossy Accents for the heavy metals. The hangings are a few years old now, and everything is still stuck!

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