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Hi - Looking for some advice about die cut machines - I have a Cricut Expressions, Gypsy, Cricut Imagine, Sizzix Texture Boutique and a Provo Cuttlebug. I am interested in getting the Silhouette Cameo - can anyone shed some light for me? Can it do anything more or something more special than anything I already have? TIA!

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Hi, and welcome to the neighborhood!
I have a question before I can offer any type of opinion or insight to your question: if you already have all the machines you listed, why do you feel a need for another? What is it you're wanting to do that none of those will do?

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Hi - I'm asking because I keep hearing how great the Cameo is. I'm getting into cutting vinyl as I want to create some sayings on a few walls in my home. I've heard using the Cameo is much better and I was just curious. It's not something I'm going to run out and buy, but wondering if it's something I should consider saving for in the future?

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I have a Cameo and I do love it!
The reason I wanted it was to cut fonts from my computer. You do not use "cartridges" with the Cameo, you purchase designs from the Silhouette store (they have tens of thousands of them!)
It can also cut any font installed on your can design and "weld" letters together to make your own titles and word art.
It can draw designs by attaching the sketch pens instead of the cutting blade.
You can cut fabric with the fabric blade.
It can cut grungepaper and chipboard (which I'm told the Cricut cannot do).....
I suppose there are some things that it can do that your current machines cannot.....
You can go to the Silhouette website and read all about it if you can also browse the store for designs etc. You can download the software (free) and play with it as well to see if you like the idea....

Good luck with your decision,

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Just so you know, the Cricut can also cut vinyl.

The allure of the Cameo is that you can cut any TTF you find in your computer,,,,,,and with the upgraded software, or a 3rd party software like SCAL3 or MTC you can import images and make cut files and cut those images. As Alison mentioned, you can also buy single images from the Silhouette store,,,,,most of which are cheap (.99 cents) and gorgeous,,,,,,,Also available are 3D boxes and bags,,,,

My understanding is that the cutting is superior to Cricut, however,,,,,,it can cut much more detailed things.

Another option for you (and the one I'm going with) is the cheaper, smaller Silhouette Portrait. Its cutting mat is 8.5x12, rather than the 12x12 Cameo cutting mat,,,,,it does not have an SD card capacity,,,,,but it is the same motor and cutting superiority of the Cameo,,,,,,,and 100.00 cheaper, roughly.

Like Alison recommended, go upload the free software and play around,,,it's rather easy, and I got used to it in about 2-3 hours. Also, take a look at the Silhouette online store and see if the images available are to your liking,,,,,

but beware,,,,,you will walk away wanting one

It took me 2 days of playing with the software to buy one

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