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have just ordered a tim holtz alterations on the edge die... and

a spellbinders D-Lites die

will both of these work in my big shot?? and is there anything like special mats or plates or whatever that i will need to make them work in my big shot??

any help would be very much appreciated.

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The Tim Holtz die will work fine, just like any other Bigz or Originals die. Can't tell you on the Spellbinders as I don't know those dies personally and haven't had a chance to look one up in the store to check its dimensions.

The Spellbinders die will come with instructions for how to use it in your Big Shot. Again, not knowing anything about this die I can't guarantee whether it will require anything special, but with the regular Spellbinders I have, I can cut (but not emboss) without having to have any additional products.

Edit: Took a look at the product. Size-wise it'll be fine. If you want to emboss, you'll need the Spellbinders tan embossing mats.
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thank you aquabunny.... i tried googling the product info but could only find sites selling them and no reference to if i would need an attachment or something.

will have to add those spellbinders embossing mats to my wishlist.

again, thanks for your help.

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