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I am organizing my mom's 70-yr stash of photos. HUGE undertaking, since she had them totally shuffled in black 30-gal trash bags. We're talking some from the mid-1800s even.

I'm not technically "scrapbooking"....just trying to get these all identified and in photo albums. I've bought the acid-free books,etc.

There are a few from the 1950s that have the ruffled edges and are in little paper covers (Kodak) with a metal thing that slips down the spine of the cover to hold all that roll of film's photos in place.

I love the paper covers and want to keep those all together.

Is there a product that would work in a 3-ring binder that maybe has a pocket for this?

Thanks in advance. Someday I hope to organize my OWN photos!!!!!!

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Welcome! I have a few albums with binder pockets, but they are very slim. I'm not sure if the pocket would be large enough. I also have a "box album." It has a 3-ring album that slips into a box. The box has a bit of room to hold a few items. I would suggest going to a craft store and looking at their albums first hand to see what my work for your situation.

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You could use the "Project Life" sort of system for organizing the photos....
I think it would be perfect for this if you don't really want to scrap all those photos!
You just add the pocketed page protectors to whatever album you have. You can slip the photos in and you're done....the page protectors come in all sorts of configurations.

You can also purchase large plastic pockets that have the 3 holes to put into a D-ring album from Becky Higgins' site. I have a few of those myself and they are great for storing my son's schoolwork and other memorabilia!


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