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Any suggestions on photo organization software? I'm not looking for anything elaborate or too expensive (no Lightroom or PSE). Just want something to organize my photos with minimal photo editing capability. Something easy to use; don't want to spend a lot of time learning software. Was thinking of ACDSee 15. Anyone have that or any other suggestions? Thanks!

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definitely a photo editor newbie. I agree that Photoshop is the best but definitely not the easiest for me... I use the photo editing software PhotoStudio. It's also a mac photo editor .

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i was a huge fan of acdsee for a long while, then maybe 5 years ago upgraded to whatever version was current at that time... and they implemented the "library" feature where it would add all my pics to the "library" - the feature could not be turned off, and it took FOREVER to update the images. from a quick and easy software it turned into a slow turtle that hangs up my computer every time. It may be better now with the newer versions and faster machines, but at that point it was a dunk.

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Picasa, it's free

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Which is the best software for editing a photograph.

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