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So I bought a new Cricut Expression and was so excited when it was delivered. My 5 year old daughter was there helping open it all up. Long story short, I think I accidently threw away the blade housing. I have looked all over the internet and in stores to find the original METAL housing and cannot find it. I've read reviews on the replacement that are plastic and they are not so good. My question is could I use the Deep Cut housing and just put the original blades in?

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  • Vae on 03-06-13 06:14 PM
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The housing that came with mine is plastic.

I just took my blade out of my cricut expression. The one that came with mine is plastic and green. I compared it to my deep cut housing (which is kind of a shiny blue) and they don't look exactly the same. They are really close, but I honestly don't know if they are interchangeable.

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I thought I read that the deep house needs the deep blade.
But you actually get a better cut with those blades. I think the draw back is that they are a bit more expensive.

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