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  • ckair on 03-07-13 07:23 AM

Does anyone know if this product works? I thought I had read somewhere that the markings on it were not correct. It is on sale this week, but I only want to purchase it if it works. I have not had good luck with some of We R Memory Keepers other products. Thanks
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Hi there.
I have only seen videos of it online and I like the look of it. I have heard that the measurements printed on the board are incorrect but if you go the the makers website they have the correct measurements to download and print out and stick over the top.
I hope that helps.

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I absolutely love mine. It makes professional, and beautiful envelopes in a flash.

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I got to play with this at ChA. A friend of mine from another state came and took me to CHA with her. It was the coolest thing I have used in a while. This is a different release. They sold out the first one and this group is just coming out. The measurements have been corrected now since they were made aware of it a while back. It was not the board that was off just the printed size that the envie should be cut at. If someone has gotten one of those there is a new measurement sticker that comvers the first one.

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You can also check out the reviews here. Seems everyone that has it, loves it!!

I'm seriously considering it.....!!!
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I want to get one!

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I saw a video of it somewhere. I like that fact that it puts a nice finish on the flap and the two. Corners of the envelope.

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Looks Cool! Now I am going to ask for one for my Bday in May May not get it but never hurts to ask. Thanks for the link Kim222 and your little dog is so darling!!

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