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Does anyone know where I can find liquid glass and a similar product that looks like cotton when you use a heat tool on it? I'm not sure what it is called. ? It works great for things like Santas beard, snow, etc. Thanks.

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I'm drawing a blank on the snow stuff.

I haven't seen liquid glass for sale for a long time, but either of these would work.

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The snow stuff is called liquid applique.

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That liquid applique stuff is cool!
Thanks for that!

Another thing that might work for liquid glass is Ice Resin....


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I really like using the Glossy accents to make things appear like glass,the small tip on the bottle is very precise.

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I like to use flocking for the fluffy stuff~ fur on critters and beards
For the glass look I like a product I got like 10 years ago called Royal Coat Dimensional Magic by Plaid in clear color. I think they had other colors but I bought all the clear they had at a Joanne Fabrics store that was moving. They had oodles of mark down bins and I had $ to spend so I really went to town I still have 2 sealed bottles of the Magic and just LOVE this stuff. I use it on things I want to look 3D. I miss those days of buying what I want when I want! I bought a house and had some medical issues develop and now am broke all the time But at least I had sense to stock up on things when I had the dough.

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