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Does anybody use these albums? What are your thoughts on them? I'm planning to use them as regular albums with lots of journaling and borders. I don't have much time to scrap otherwise. Thanks

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If you don't have much time to scrap... you might enjoy Anna Griffins scrapbook kits. Her sets are elegant and if all you have is photos and adhesives and a pen, you would still end up with a nice scrapbook.

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I use a lot of creative memories stuff, but not the pic folio. However, I know a lot of women who do and they save a lot of time by using them. I find that they are too constrictive for me.

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I use the pic folio albums!! I have 9 of them for my bonus sons albums and I am using them for my Project Life books this year. Also I used them for our 2010 albums. I don't just slide my photos into the positions though. I do mat the pictures and do other creative things with them, just like creating a layout. Love the Pic-folio books!!

The nice thing about them is, you can get your pictures printed and slide them into the slots and the book can be enjoyed immediately. Then when you have time here and there, you can go back and scrap the photos if you want to and jazz up the book more than just having the pictures in the slots. I love them for this reason alone... my pictures are in books and can be enjoyed immediately while I work through scrapping them how I want them when I have time.

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