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Username Post: LO or create as you go?        (Topic#1585989)
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RedSquirrel UK
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I'm new to scrapbooking and so far I've been using sketches for almost all my LOs to boost my inspiration. However yesterday I couldn't find a sketch for a beautiful photo that I have from Amsterdam and I ended up creating my own. I have to say it was a wonderful experience and I was very happy with that LO.

P.S. For the record I've done it after reading this topic so thank you all for sharing your thoughts.


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I just bought two books of sketches because I am so bored with my layouts. I guess you'd call my style traditional block scrapbooking. Anyway, now I have a ton of ideas to try next week while I am on Spring Break. Yay.

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  • Quote:
Some layouts I've finished in less than 2-3 hours, but I had also thought about what I wanted them to look like and they had very specific detailing (ie the restaurant layouts in my gallery). Then I've had some that I've started and haven't gone back to them, from several months ago because "something" was missing. Generally if I sit down I can get one to two layouts done on a Saturday if I'm not distracted.

I'm so glad to hear this! I'm new to this & get frustrated when I realize it can take me 4 hrs to get a page done (AFTER choosing pics & paper). If the pics on a particular page don't "tell me" what to do I'll look through my collection of ideas & end up lifting something, if I have to.

Even still, I often find myself cutting scraps to sit in for pics to determine sizes & scale. I can rebuild 1 page many times until I find the right LO. I think of how many pages I could have gotten done in the time it takes me to do 1 this way & the Type A personality in me goes crazy. Is this normal, or will it go away with experience? Since I only manage to grab time to scrap a few times a year I feel like I'll never get the experience to be quick about this.

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I think over time you become more efficient, but the Type A personality thing sticks (I'm also Type A). I also did not get to scrapbook that often because of school, and now my scrapping supplies are 3000 miles away while I'm in Germany for a year (3 1/2 months to go!) So I've been doing digital and I still am particular about how something looks.

It took me about a week to finally find a look I liked with my most recent LO. But once you find it you feel so good! I'd rather have one beautiful layout that looks the way I want it to then have several that are still missing that something extra I want it to have.

I hope this helps and happy scrapping!!


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Im a bit of both sometime I see a sketch I like but mine never look like the sketch but a lot of the time I just go with the flow Im more of a on the spot scrapper and I just start pulling things out and see if they will work or as Im going Ill come up with things I wanna do

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