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I stocked up on these memory creative dock planner (in warm sand) and came to wonder, looking at other selections on this item that I am confused as it looks identical to the memory dock creative page planner (work binder) that comes with page protector inserts at a more pricier cost.

Is the memory creative dock planner without the sheet protectors the same size planner as the memory dock planner with sheet inserts it is very hard to tell? Also exactly what are the sizes?

Either way it's a deal and a keeper but would like to know for the purpose of buying the right size sheet protectors/inserts?
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Well, to confirm sizes, I would send an email to the people here. They are very good at responding within a day or so....
Neither one of these products seem to be in stock now, though. I would suspect the "page planner" is probably a 12x12 binder and the "creative planner" is probably 8 1/2 x 11.....


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I just got my order in today and should had asked for the size before purchasing, lesson learned; the sizes were neither a 12x12 nor 11x8.5 but in fact 8.5x8.5 way off by just guessing.

The product is great quality though and have found the proper page inserts to fit into it. A side from the size (not what I expected but do able after adjusting what can be done with it) it is a great product, love the quality.

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