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Dear all,

I'm totally a rookie when it comes to scrapbooking. I love keeping my memories stored, but as I come from a small country in Europe named Montenegro, your scrapbook supplies are not available here, and people here don't have a habit of crafting their memories into wonderful design albums...
Ok, stop mourning now

Anyway, having said this, I am a bit frustrated because of photos. In our photo stores, there are only 3-4 photo dimensions available to choose from. I don't have a photo printer with photo paper at home, so I'm just wondering what you guys do to make a photo of any dimension to fit into your project.

Do you know any online photo service that I could use that can make any dimension I like (I live square photos, almost like the Polaroid ones)?
I am thinking even to make photo collage on my computer in MC Word, and then to ask a photo store if they could print it out on their photo paper, so I could cut out the photos and attach them to m project...

This is a big thing for me, because I can't imagine any project without photos and memorabilia.

Thanks in advance!

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Even though I often DO print my photos at home, I almost always put them in a Word doc. If you find a store that will print pages for you, this would probably a solution.

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thank you for your opinion!

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