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Gelidy Gelato
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Gelidy Gelato

So I caught this video in the SUPERStore Donna Salazar embossing video. It's very interesting and makes embossing, distressing, and spritzing look so easy. So I dug out my...and I am really dating myself 30 year old marvy craft heat gun and got some clear embossing powder (and of course some new clear stamps.)

I also picked up some dreamweaver embossing paste. I have no idea what to do with it but I figured I had to have it! So has anybody used this stuff? I think you are suppose to use it with brass stencils. I have some of those...yea they are from the 80's too. See every good scrapbooking tend always repeats itself.

PS I also posted my "tidy tray" cause I had one of those for a couple decades too and never had a reason to use it. And I wanted to say "Tidy Tray".
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Ah, don't feel too bad (not that anyone should ever feel bad about their choice of product!)about the brass stencil paste - my now-defunct LSS was doing a class on that just a couple of years ago.

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