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Hi everyone. I have been thinking about an idea i would like to do as the end of my italy trip album. I was thinking that the last 2 or 3 pages could be the bloopers of our trip. I have a lot of funny pics that i havent used in any of my lo´s and i thought it would be kinda funny to incluide them like some movies incluide their bloopers. the thing is i have no idea how to focus it. there are like 40 funny bloopers pic that i could use. What do you think? any advise?

thank you

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It sounds really cool!

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Sounds like fun! Without knowing more about the pics I'm not sure what I'd suggest, there are so many options. I did something kinda similar for one of my Thanksgiving pages a couple years ago. The kids were being rambunctious and goofy and having fun with the camera, so I just did this simple mosaic style:

Thanksgiving 2010 page 3 By Stick

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What a great idea! You could have a section labelled Bloopers or Out-takes at the end. Or if you have that many, you could almost do a sensible LO on the left and the silly one on the right all the way through.

My silly LOs are my favourites, hands down.

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Love that idea! I would just pick a few of my favorite to highlight, or do something like what Stick has above. Depends on what kind of photos you have, really.

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Henri Jean
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What a great idea!

Kara - I remember when you did this layout and it is awesome. I love it.

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however you decide to do this, I think it's an awesome idea! Maybe I'll do this too, with my "outtakes"

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I did something similar with my wedding album. I collaged the pics which I had cropped to be about the same size. I guess I'm thinking since it's a bloopers page, it's ok to be a busy page and not have one focus.

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I've done this.

We had a big family gathering. I scrapped a couple layout pages, and then put a LOT of the 'extra' photos in photo sleeves. The last page was silly photos.

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