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Hello, all:

I am wanting to use some computer fonts in my LOs. But I wonder: will the ink fade? Also, is your garden-variety printer paper acid-free? I don't have a printer, so I would have to go to the local university's computer lab to print stuff out. Will I need to treat my stuff?


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Well I have been using my printer in my books for years. Not one page has faded. I never use printer paper. I use scrapbook paper (cardstock). It goes fine in the printer. I would not use textured though. I was just checking out some of my pages from 10 years ago. there is no prolem. They look the same. I also had an Epson printer. When I I replaced it & got another Epson.
I think for something to fade, you would have to have your book open to that page for a long time.
I have had cardstock fade but it was stored in an open container where the light got to it.
I have not had anything in my books fade & I started again in 97.

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Hey Jasperonyx - long time no see!

I believe copy paper is acid-free these days, because companies want their documents to last the same as we do. If you're worried, you can get an inexpensive pH tester pen and find out. (Be careful though - I found that when I got mine, I just HAD to test everything in sight. Little purple marks on the corners of things everywhere... )

Printer ink? That is something I wish I knew myself. The photos I printed off 5 years ago are still good.

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I have pages that are over 10 years old that are in some of albums and they are just fine. I have printed on cardstock though or vellum to ensure that the paper is acid free and lignin free :). Your printed stuff will do just fine!

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