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Has anyone ever scrapbooked old greeting cards that were sent to you for example for your birthday or valentines day or mothers' day. If so I would really like to be directed to these layouts so I could see what people have done.

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I tend to make a page sort of an envelope and put them in so saty with the Christmas scrapbook, b-day, etc.

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I've seen an idea on Pinterest that I like. Take the stack of cards (by occasion) and make a front and back out of chipboard, decorate and put the cards in between. Punch a hole in the upper corner of the stack and hang on a ring. Instant card "album."

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I scrap all the cards I or my family or kids recieve. Sometime I add them to the layout on the pages. Sometimes I take some & make pocket page for them. Sometims, I cut parts of the card for decoration. (not as often) At Christmas, I make a poocket for ea year that holds the card & letter we sent. I also keep letters & cards I want to save whole in that pocket. Then I take the rest of them & Take the parts of the front I want & I punch some out in squares too & make a 2 page layout for that yrs too.

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