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Everyone, I'm delving into the scrapbooking thing quickly, due to a benefit fundraiser for an employee who has suffered a brain aneurysm.

I'm looking for pages that can jog her memory of what is around her from family, friends, co-workers love for gardening.

I'll be including signature pages of attendees of the event, obviously lots of photos from the coordinating team of the benefit, co-workers, attendees of the event and all of areas we are still planning for future fundraisers, and of course lots of journaling.

Can you gear me towards some simple pages, but have huge impact?

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Good morning. What a wonderful idea for your coworker and how sweet is it that so many peeps are working to put these fundraising events/album together for her. Kudos to you!

If you search the 'gallery' under 'layouts', then 'styles' you will find a tab that is 'clean and simple'. You may find inspiration for your album there.

I put together a similar album for my MIL who suffered from Alzheimer's. My suggestion would be to keep the album almost embellishment free, pics large or larger than 4x6 that focus mainly on the subject, recording in large print the names, places, etc. And, finally keeping the colors minimal 2-3 colors per page.

Keep a smile M.

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I don't have any page ideas, but I think what you're doing is wonderful. Projects made with love are the best kind even if the circumstances are hard, what a very nice thing to do.

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