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This is my first post! I am an "intermediate" scrapbooker and already own a Cricut personal cutting machine (cuts 12x6). I have become very interested in an embossing & die cutting machine through watching videos to augment my scrapbooking as well as make more cards (my friends have loved them). I have looked at Cameo but I don't want to make that big of an investment currently. I am trying to decide between the Cuttlebug & the Sizzix Big Shot. I am always somewhat confused about the functions of all the products so I'd love to hear some from some experienced users.

Which one have you found to be "better"?
Which one is easier to use & why?
Which one gives you the most options?
How do you use them? (for your purposes)
Which do you prefer for cards?
Which do you find was better value for your money?

Any advice would be fantastic - my friend & I kinda dove into scrapbooking and I feel like I missed some lessons along the way :).

Thank you.
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  • stick on 04-07-13 08:49 PM
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They are really almost exactly the same. I have a Big Shot, and I totally love it, but the CB has essentially the same functionality. Just get whichever you have a coupon for

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  • KimKV on 04-08-13 03:48 AM
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Yep, basically the same thing. I too have the Big Shot.

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I have a BigShot too, so I'm more likely to recommend it. The main difference between the two machines (as far as I can see) is that (1) the Cuttlebug folds up for storage and (2) the platform on the BigShot is a smidge wider so it accepts dies that the Cuttlebug might not, like some of the larger Grand Calibur dies. Neither of them accepts the largest of the Spellbinders Grand Calibur dies. There is a chart on here that shows the dies each machine can accept. It's what made me decide on the BigShot since, at the time, it took more dies than the Cuttlebug. You should be able to find the chart with a search...

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Can you use the Tim Holtz Alterations dies in the Cuttlebug? I didn't think you could, which is why I would point you to the Big Shot.

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I also didn't think you could use the bigger, thicker Sizzix dies in the Cuttlebug, but maybe I am wrong?!?

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I just Googled "sizzix bigz in cuttlebug" (without the quote marks) and found links to several YouTube videos showing how to do it, which you may want to check for yourself since I can't view YouTube videos right now. The Tim Holtz dies, except for the ones that are decorative strips, are all Sizzix Bigz or Originals (which are both the same thickness).

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the big shot can use the thin and thicker embossing dies. takes larger size paper as well.

you might want to consider the spellbinders grand calibur as well. That takes many more dies for cutting and embossing. I love the nesties you can use with this

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I love my Big Shot! Also I think Michaels has them on sale this week, or there's a 50% off coupon.

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