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I'm going to take on this challenge for awhile since Pat is taking a break.

Layout Postings will be due on WEDNESDAYS this round, with the first week posts due on Arpil 3

Week 1 : April 3
Week 2 : April 10
Week 3 : April 17
Week 4 : April 24

Sign-ups will be open until April 1 (or until we fill groups) . Groups will be posted as they get filled but no later than the morning of April 1, along with first round specs and twists.

Tell me your PREFERENCE first ! Then list any impossible weeks. Thanks!

What is the Round Robin Challenge? Glad you asked. There are teams of 4 people, one person for each week. The person assigned for week 1 in each group will start their team off with a layout depending on what the specs and twist will be. Then the following week, everyone assigned to week 2 will lift off their week 1 team member and so on. It's fun to see how a lift progresses from the first week to the fourth. Any questions, please feel free to ask any of us!

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YAY, it worked! I was able to add group 3 week 1's layout to the challenge!

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