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I am doing my senior project on the topic of scrapbooking. I want to reach out to the scrapbooking community! So tell me your story, your general information, how you became interested in scrapbooking, why you do it, any unique facts about you and your scrapbooks, and other details you can add that can help my project more interesting! (being anonymous is fine!) thank you!! I am also creating my own scrapbook documenting my favorite memories of high school, so if you have an advice or recommendation for me, it'd be great!

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My story...

I went to a Creative Memories party about 15 years ago (maybe longer). I made a page but had no interest, so the page came home with me and just sat there with tons of white space on it. Fast forward to 2002. My dad died and I decided to make a scrapbook for my gram as a Christmas gift. I was clueless but muddled through. I also got hooked. I used to make annual albums and did a few specialty albums (for example, about a trip to Germany). Then, in 2009, my husband passed away. I used scrapbooking to work through some of my feelings. I journaled and added pictures every time the mood struck, and it really helped me to put my feelings out into the universe like that. Currently, I don't scrap nearly as much as I make cards, but I know I'll get back into it. I go through phases with my hobbies.

As far as your scrapbook, there's no right or wrong. Since you haven't made one before, you might find it easier to get all of your photos together and sort them. Decide if you want to make your book chronologically or do you want to do categories of events? Once you've decided that, start organizing your pictures either by date (for chronological) or category. Then you can get started with making your layouts. The gallery here has loads of inspiration and there are also helpful sketches if you're not sure how to lay out your page. Good luck and don't forget to share your work here!

Welcome to!

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I started scrapbooking when my daughter was born and someone bought me a book to write down all the memories and milestones for her life. I kept it going when my son was born. Back then I used stencils to color the lettering, coloring book pages for embellishments. They were very basic books, then I advanced a little bit when I was re-married and acquired 2 great step children. Printed from my computer directly onto the page, then added the photos, bought a few punches and fancy scissors. These were still pretty simple books kept in office binders within page protectors. Then I stepped away from the scrap world for a little bit and took in some children that really needed a little bit of help. After they were gone and my spare room was empty it mother and I were talking about her old photos and needing to organize thing lead to another....and boom my spare room has turned into the Scrap Room and my hobby turned into a family affair every Wednesday night and some weekends. I keep plugging away at all the older photos and the new ones because "this is what I do". These memories need preserved for future generations, and sometimes for your own memory. Point in case if I would not have written down the first years of my children's life I would have never remembered the details after I woke from a long comma. I am ever indebted to scrapbooking for bringing back my memories, providing me an opportunity to spend quality time with my family, and introducing me to many wonderful people.

My advice for your book is to just jump in after you sort your photos. Try a few different looks for each page. There is no right or wrong in scrapbooking. Some mistakes can make the best pages. If you don't like a page do it again. It is a fun experience, one that should be enjoyable and stress free. Once you start you will see inspiration in everything. And take advantage of the video classes on this site, they are great.

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I am happy to know that there are other Seniors doing Creative Senior projects. My daughter did hers on Early child education and actually did some scrapbooking for it.

My Story

I started scrapping in 2002. I had been thinking about it for years. but I had seen a friends scrapbook she was doing and I fell..... VERY DEEPLY IN LOVE!!!!

I knew right then and there I had to be part of this creativeness. So that year for my birthday (in November) and for Christmas I asked everybody for scrap supplies. I started off with very little stuff and created some pages and then my daughter (then in the 4th grade) wanted to do it as well. So we sat down one night and I showed her how to cut paper with the paper cutter and then she was hooked. We made a few pages together. But we had to cut all the letters out after we printed them on the printer from my computer. I mean we had very little space and I didn't have very much money to spend on stickers and all that. So we went on creating all our own embellishments. as time went on we grew our supplies and our tools. I found that I love eyelets and brads, I had to have a eyelet tool set. So I went out and bought one. after that I learned about all the other tools as time went by. I did end up enjoying scrapping so much that I haven't been without scrapping of some kind in my life since. I did take a few years off after my mom passed away. I made a scrapbook for her memorial that took it all out of me and I found myself not able to even look at my scrap stuff or the books I made. I started scrapping again last fall when my daughter challenged me to using pom poms on a layout. after that I was hooked again. I have spent the fall and winter scrapping like crazy. I scrap to create. I don't always know what I want to do when I start a layout, sometimes I start with a picture, sometimes I start with a piece of paper or just a color pops into my head and I get up and go get paper out.. Sometimes it is a butterfly that flies by me when I am outside and I tell myself that I have to scrap. It is crazy to have so many things that can inspire me. I love to do challenges and my daughter loves to make challenges for me so we do a lot of challenges. I also make cards. I didn't do many cards before this past winter but I would make cards now and then. This past birthday my husband gave me a cricut (an electronic dye cutting machine) I started using it to make cards for Christmas. It was so much fun I decided to join a card swap. so now I make cards every month to swap with other scrappers. I have really enjoyed this hobby.

It is like therapy for me. It calms me, It makes me think of nothing else while I am doing it. I can just sit and relax and scrap.

Good luck on your senior project

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