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  • ckair on 04-21-13 11:40 AM

I have seen these used for cards, my question is is there a set of them that i could use for making mat layers for my p4 x 6 photos? I am excited if that would work because my mats would always be straight. I only have the cuttlebug, would I have to by a different machine? If so which one would you recommend? Thanks.

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I love my Spellbinders. The regular nesties will work in the Cuttlebug, but I am not sure what sandwich you'd use. I think the Spellbinders packages tell you, once you open it up. Someone else on here probably knows, or you could check the website.

The website will also tell you the size of each die in the set, or if you go to a store and look at the packaging, it shows it on the back. Sorry I can't be more help with that; I don't keep my packaging for mine and don't have the rectangles for matting as I wouldn't use them.

Be forewarned, though. The nesties are fun and come in so many cool shapes, that you might not be able to stop with one set!

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I have a Grand Calibur so I don't know the largest die a Cuttlebug will take. The matting basics go up to just under 7 inches. They are overall not as large as GRAND Nesties where the largest die is 7 1/2. I believe you can't use the largest Grand in a cuttlebug, you need the Grand Calibur.

The Spellbinders Paper Arts website has the sizes of all of their dies. In addition, if you do not find the answer they answer email pretty quickly.

The Matting basics are:
Sized in ⅛" and ¼″ increments, choose the size from Nestabilities Card Creator set A or B for perfectly spaced layers.

Approximate Die Template Sizes:

1: 1⅞ x 3⅞”
2: 2⅜ x 4⅜”
3: 2⅞ x 4⅞”
4: 3⅜ x 5⅜”
5: 3⅞ x 5⅞”
6: 4⅜ x 6⅜”
7: 4⅞ x 6⅞”

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I use Spellbinders dies in my Cuttlebug. A previous post was correct... inside the Spellbinders package are the sandwich directions for using in each brand of machine. I really like using Spellbinders dies for mats. They turn out perfectly. Happy die cutting and matting.

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