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ok so im not sure what type of album to use, i want to make pages with functional fold outs n pockets
so obviously post bound one doesnt make since
but dont all albums have page protector binding systems
how can i make a large 12x12 with fuctional pieces

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Actually, I think postbound is more likely to help you out here than three-ring - about ten years ago, maybe less, post-bound albums where you attached things directly to the sheets, and the posts went directly through pre-cut holes in the paper, were a thing you could very easily buy. I think Creative Memories had a similar setup, though I'm guessing they use page protectors now too. However, if you're able to get heavy paper a bit wider than 12" and punched holes through them, you could put them in a post-bound album to approximate the older type of album I describe (I had at least three albums like this, and I believe they were all made by Pioneer).

Another option might be a combination of pocketed page protectors and fold-out page protectors (and possible mixing in a few 6x12 protectors or some flaps that attach directly to page protectors). That would still give you the ability to use pockets and have things fold out without having to go with the more fragile construction described above.
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Strap hinge albums, such as Creative Memories or other craft stores may have the pages. Allow for not using page protectors but still having a nice binding.
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I do not use albums or page protectors, but bought a Cinch. Although it also has limits, I love the way I can choose the album size (up to 12x12) and I have lots of pages with pockets, fold outs. Yes your pages are not so well protected as they are in page protectors, but for me that is not an issue.

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