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Hello all, I am trying to make paper mosaics and collages on wood paneling (mdf, masonite, or plywood) but, am not sure what the best process would be. I have been using regular acrylic paint on drawing paper and gluing onto paper board but, it does not have the professional look I want. This is what I have so far. Any input would be fantastic.

1) Using acrylic paints I color acrylic paper or drawing paper (It does warp but, since I make small pieces it is not on issue) to make the individual pieces.

2) Using Acrylic gel I adhere the individual pieces to paper board.

3) Using the acrylic gel I adhere each paper board panel to a larger panel of wood be it masonite, MDF, plywood.

4) Varnish the finished piece.

Now, since I am gluing paper to the wood board does it really matter what type of wood I use?

Also, can/should I apply an extra coat of gel on top of the finished piece (mosaic or collage) to make sure it stays adhered before varnishing or is the varnish enough.


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Hi and welcome!

I'll be honest, I'm a paper girl myself - I wouldn't have the first clue about what constitutes a "professional" look with paper on wood. But I'm sure there are folk here who work with multi-media, so I'm bumping this up to the top for you.

Maybe it would help if you could upload photos to your gallery, and describe what you're unhappy with, and what effects you are trying to achieve?

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I use Mod Podge to apply paper to wood.

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