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Hello all, I am trying to make paper mosaics and collages on wood paneling (mdf, masonite, or plywood) but, am not sure what the best process would be. I have been using regular acrylic paint on drawing paper and gluing onto paper board but, it does not have the professional look I want. This is what I have so far. Any input would be fantastic.

1) Using acrylic paints I color acrylic paper or drawing paper (It does warp but, since I make small pieces it is not on issue) to make the individual pieces.

2) Using Acrylic gel I adhere the individual pieces to paper board.

3) Using the acrylic gel I adhere each paper board panel to a larger panel of wood be it masonite, MDF, plywood.

4) Varnish the finished piece.

Now, since I am gluing paper to the wood board does it really matter what type of wood I use?

Also, can/should I apply an extra coat of gel on top of the finished piece (mosaic or collage) to make sure it stays adhered before varnishing or is the varnish enough.


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In response to lucas24

I don't think it really matters what type of wood you use and I'm not sure I can think of an instance where it would matter - other than for indoor vs outdoor use.

As for the extra coat of gel, of course you CAN add it; however, I would think the varnish is enough.

Depends upon the layer of protection you're looking for, I guess.

Welcome to the neighborhood and good luck with your project!! I'd love to see it when you're done

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