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Before I put this post into the 'Technical Help' forum to beg Megan for assistance, I wanted to check if anyone else is having the same issue....

I like to leave feedback to those who comment on my LO's and have always gone to those member pages from my own activity stream and posted directly into their 'public comments' page to thank them. Since the website changeover, it seems that when I leave comments this way, they get lost in space...

However, when I go directly to my LO and click on the members name (which takes you to their gallery rather than their public comment page) and then click their full profile to get to their public comments, it seems that works and shows up?!?

Also, I receive notifications of some friends new LO posts or comments on my LO's, but with other members I do not. Seems like it's only happening since the switch.

Anyone else having similar issues? Thanks

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